mkiii help

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    89 7mgte Rough Idle: a short story of what I have done that hasn't fixed it.

    Bought my car from a single owner 4 months ago. Bone Stock from what I could tell. Would shut off at idle. I change spark plugs, plug wires, and coil pack. no improvement. I change the MAF/AMF (whichever it is), no improvement. I hear hissing so I try to fix any vacuum leaks, in the process...
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    Coilovers questions and help.

    Hey everybody, name is Carlos I have a 1989 MKIII and looking for a good set of coilover worth the money, I'm looking for some that can give me good stance as well as good performance so of you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it.
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    First 7mgte Rebuild

    Hi ive had my MKIII for about 4 months now and i have a safcII, AEM wideband, intercooler and a turbonetics TE04 Stage 5 turbo. I wanna rebuild my motor this spring and since its my first build i was unsure of what i needed for it. I wanna do .20 over forged pistons and eagle rods. 272 cams, BC...