1. L

    Aftermarket brake anti-squeal shim kit options

    I have a problem with squealing brakes (new rotors, pads and brake paste in correct spots). Anti-squeal shims are missing on my car. There is a OEM kit for front (04945-24010) and back (04946-22030). Unfortunately I managed to find the kit only for back and looks like front kit is...
  2. R

    What is needed to rebuild the stock LSD?

    Hey Guys, Im looking to rebuild my stock LSD in my 90 Supra Turbo. When driving between 80 - 120 km/h there's a definite whine when the diff has warmed up. Also if im not moving and I put it in 1st move a little then stop, then switch to reverse and move, it makes a small clunk sound. Im...
  3. Mikael_7m

    New Driftmotion Intercooler Kit

    Im looking at getting the new DM intercooler kit which has the inlet and outlets on the same side. Which seems a lot nicer than the older kit. I've looked through a bunch of threads about the driftmotion kits, and haven't really got the answer I was looking for. So to all the guys who run a...
  4. mk3supraboy

    A good 7mgte rebuild kit for bottom and top end power

    hows it going everyone im trying to find a good 7mgte rebuild kit that would help me get a starting point of getting the engine ready to do 500 whp roughly so does anyone know of a good kit that would consist of these things and for the head what kind of items would i need besides a valve job?
  5. N

    Ebay Intercooler Kit?

    So I've been poking around on Ebay (which I do when I'm bored at work) and I found an intercooler kit that seems like a pretty decent buy: Click here to see the auction. Now, I would of course ditch the included POS knockoff BOV and put a quality BOV in it's place, but for the intercooler...
  6. tylwld

    ct26 under the knife

    I am rebuilding the turbo off a 7mgte I picked up for $100 over christmas break and I was wondering what rebuild kit is legitimate and comes with all the parts. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've read so far a kit should include Journal Bearings, Piston Ring for Turbine End, O-Ring for...