1. M

    Intake Manifold Question !!!:1zhelp: !!!

    hey guys im new here and this is my first Supra, so i want to work on it myself as much as i can. and now i want to change the valve cover gasket cus its burning oil. But my big question is can anyone help me and either tell me or point to me to right direction on how remove the intake...
  2. HeWhoOvercomes

    Where did the AFM go?

    Sorry guys, I have a noob question. I've noticed that when a lot of 7M guys install a big turbo, they have a 4" intake with a big K&N filter; but the AFM is gone. How does this work, or where did the AFM go? Thanks, Jordan :)
  3. M

    white smoke non bhg, rpm issue

    Car is still puffing out some white smoke at idle. I need to replace my valve covers asap. Wondering if that could be it? Intake issue fixed but still the car won't want to hit high rpms, very hesitant. Slowly wanting to overheat after hard acceleration while paused,idle. As soon as I roll the...
  4. M

    Opinions, Opinions...again.

    Well, just thought I'd post a quick question and see what you guys think or would prefer. Im looking to buy a new intake. Looking at either the BLITZ SUS Power Intake or HKS Super Mega Flow. Do any of you use these? Which would you guys prefer? Thanks.
  5. hatchet9mm

    Intercooler Reviews

    I have been searching through the forum for a thread that compiles all of the different options for aftermarket intercoolers and piping kits for the mk3 in general, and couldn't find any. I was hoping that we could use this thread to compile data on all of the options out there. An intercooler...
  6. suprunner

    7MGE Intake Ideas

    I'm doing a 7MGE swap into my 1986 4Runner. I'm coming to the end of my nightmare, but I still have one hang-up. I'm not putting the MAFS in the stock position. I am routing it straight off of my throttle body on to my passenger-side fender wall. . My only problem is connecting the two. Since...