1. S

    No power at fuel pump relay after hks vpc install 7mgte

    Like the title says no power at the fuel pump relay.... all fuses are good, pump will work with the diagnosis box jumped. I did take the maf sensor out after installing the vpc..... car will run but only if I jump the diagnosis box. I did find the maf sensor has a switch for the fuel...
  2. S

    HKS TEMS Controller wiring

    Just picked up an HKS TEMS Controller and had a few questions. I realize most people do not own one of these so I'm not sure how much help I am going to get. One pic is of the TEMS controller. There were 2 different faces for the controller. This is the newer one. There were also two...
  3. marks332

    1jz super drager?

    Can someone tell me how it sounds? Video? Or just from experience? How does HKS super drager sound on a 1jz twin cause only vids can find of it are on a 7m. Thnks guys
  4. M

    BHG, so many options!

    Ok so this is only my second post, but I would like to get some opinions. Ok so my head gasket blew on my 1988 7mgte mk3. I already ordered a HKS stopper style MHG and ARP Studs. I contacted a local shop who has had experience on the mk3. The quoted $800 to remachine the head and block and...
  5. 91Supra313

    HKS USA is no longer here!

    I just found out on Jalopnik that HKS USA is closing it's doors! :: angry :: I'm screwed now with all of this HKS stuff on my Time to learn some Japanese I guess. Below is the link to the article.