1. 1986.5supra_kid

    Pinout for C1 plug near fuse box and ignitor? wiring help

    In the process of repairing a hybrid 1992 2jzge/pre89 body harness and some information escapes me. pin numbers known on C1 but their terminations are important to me. 1. White ---------------------- goes to something related to hazard,horns,turnsignals ? 2. Black and yellow ---------...
  2. D

    Unsure what this is for in the wiring harness.

    Finally got the 2j in and now going through some wiring. I decided to clean up the harness and re-wrap it in electrical tape and I came across this. Asked my friend what it could be he said it might be for emissions but I want to know for sure. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  3. donnie N.

    Where to find New or rebuilt 7mge wiring harness.

    Hi there my name is donnie i was wondering if anyone knew of a place to buy wiring harness for 7mge or 7mgte since suprasport does not offer this service anymore thanks. donnie
  4. E

    Does an Automatic harness work on a manual supra?

    Hey guys i have a 92 mk3 supra (manual) and i have a harness from an automatic 91 mk3 supra. My question is will the harness work on my supra or will i have to tweak the wiring, or will it flat out not work?Any help would be great! Thanks.
  5. Pyro15D

    78-88 to 89+ ecu adapter

    Hey, I traded some parts I had for an AEM 30-1130 Standalone ecu for an 89-up 7mgte but my car and harness is a 1987 turbo. I would love to trade straight across for someone with a AEM 30-1110 for the 87-88 supra, but since that is unlikely to happen, I need to make an adapter to make it all...
  6. M

    Help With Starter 7m-ge

    hey so im looking for the name of the male 1 pin connector that goes from the wiring harness to the starter and i cant seem to find it, i was wondering if anybody knew the name. Im having the usual MKIII starting problem and i want to cross everything off the list before i do the relay mod.
  7. D

    in dash quesions

    wat size screen can i fit ? would i need anything else other than a stereo harness?