1. S

    Will a r154 driveshaft fit a w58 transmission?

    Will the front shaft of a r154 driveshaft fit into a w58 transmission? And if so can rhe r154 front shaft bolt on to the rear shaft of an auto a340e driveshaft? (I'm working on a 5 speed swap, picked up what I thought was a w58 driveshaft but turned out to be the r154) :1zhelp::1zhelp:
  2. J

    88 7M-GTE CPS to Distributor conversion

    Alright, I know I'm going to get a ton of hate mail for bringing this up, but hear me out. I've got quite a fun project here. I've got an 88 GTE engine, "running" off a 2JZ-GTE AEM. I had a custom harness made for supposed "plug and play" applications. Needless to say, the car won't start...
  3. toyMKIII

    Any info on Soarer front end conversion?

    When I first saw pictures of I believe Soapra's car, and his front end conversion to a second gen Soarer face, I thought it looked great. This is rare as I am usually 200% adverse to these types of changes. I didn't think that I'd ever find myself doing it to my own car.... but- More and more...
  4. toyMKIII

    Found an odd picture today:

  5. Pyro15D

    The LHD Digidash Bible

    With all the talk about digital dashes and how everyone else in the world gets them but us in the States, this should hopefully turn out to be a good thread. A couple months ago, I, like many others before me, decided to attempt the project on my own. My goals with this were to find a way to...
  6. J

    suggestions on what to do with 87 supra na

    I have an 87 supra I plan to build this winter im thinking to do an r 154 swap and either rebuild the 7mge block to be a turbo or to buy a 7mgte or a 2jzte I'm open to suggestions and would lile to know where to begin with this
  7. S

    Question: How difficult is it to convert a 4 speed auto tranny to 5 speed?

    So ive been thinking to possibly convert my 4 speed auto to 5 speed manual difficult is it to do it? Is it worth it? And by any chance might any of you guys know whats the price range to do this job if taken to a shop? :1zhelp::1zhelp: