1. L

    Aftermarket brake anti-squeal shim kit options

    I have a problem with squealing brakes (new rotors, pads and brake paste in correct spots). Anti-squeal shims are missing on my car. There is a OEM kit for front (04945-24010) and back (04946-22030). Unfortunately I managed to find the kit only for back and looks like front kit is...
  2. S

    Broken metal brake line

    Today while driving the guy in front of me slammed on his brakes and I bumped into the back of him (no damage to either car). As soon as this happened my brake pedal went to the floor. I popped the hood and most of my brake fluid was gone from the reservoir. I looked under the car and saw...
  3. D

    cobra brakes??

    i saw on driftmotion that they make adapter brackets to fit dual piston cobra brake calipers bolt onto mk3 supra hubs... does anyone know if i would have to upgrade master cylinder?? or will stock master work?
  4. donnie N.

    New Brakes still having problems.89 Mk3

    Allright lets start with the list of new parts ten ill tell you the problem.Starting with all four drilled and slotted rotors and pads.Next is all four stainless steel lines and two new remanufactured front calipers.After all that was replaced had no problems for about i dont know 5k maybe or...
  5. dude4253

    When to upgrade BMC??

    So I have the Doward cobra front brakes and I am getting the rear MKIV brakes ... Should I upgrade my brake master cylinder or any other part? If so then to what?
  6. VegaSupra

    Best brake option for with stock 16" rims?

    My apologies if this has already been discussed in another thread, but I searched multiple ways and came up short of finding it. I am wondering what the best option is for replacing... (and possibly upgrading?) the stock brakes? At the moment, there are crossed drilled rotors on the front and...
  7. 1-2clutch-u

    My new brakes from azp

    I know this might not be of interest to most of you. But I noticed that A lot of people have been making brake kits and asking lots of questions about brake upgrades. This thread Is not to diss any of the other kits or talk smack. Just think that most people over look the brakes on their cars or...