1. G

    Full 3" exhaust install

    I wanted to write here what i would have liked to have known before i jumped under the car. Parts: There are 2 rubber donuts holding up the muffler, 2 donuts behind it, one of those non-donut rubber hangers just before the muffler, 2 more donuts before that, And 2 more donuts up by...
  2. slowerisfaster

    Matt's cylinder head rebuild - Finished

    As the title says I am getting ready to do a rebuild of the head in a couple of weeks. I have done a LOT of reading on this subject (thanks to this forum and others) and feel pretty confident that I will be able to complete it without much trouble. Since this will be the furthest I've dug into...
  3. D

    losing power and smokes

    I don't know what going on with my supra, but after its been sitting for a while when your shifting it feels like your loosing power like your gonna stall out and there puff's of black smokes. The smokes will disappear after the engine warms up but that losing of power is still there. Everything...
  4. BusterMK3

    Seafoam + 7MGE = Rod Knock ?

    So on Thursday I seafoamed my 1987 7MGE Hardtop. 192,xxx / occasional rough idle. I go through everything properly and hold it at 1500 RPM until the proper amount is used. I shut it off after 2 extra minutes of holding the rpms, wait 5 minutes as directed, and go to start my car to let it idle a...
  5. toyMKIII

    Troubleshooting help please...

    Hey everyone, here's a video- please view it and see if you can help me out! Thank you!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2o6H2DsmbQ
  6. tylwld

    mkIII steering wheel fitment question

    Does anyone know if a pre 89 mkIII three spoke "gt" steering wheel will fit on an x7 cressida factory hub / spline? Thanks, Tyler.
  7. R

    Greetings from Austin, TX

    Hey all! Just thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself and give you my Supra story. I'm the proud owner of a 1987 Supra Turbo. My first was an '88 and it was the first car I paid for with my own earnings! My "new" 1987 MKIII came to me about 20 years later. I found it on eBay so...