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  • Hey Nick!
    Thought I'd touch base with you on the Indy2k9 meet.

    It's looking pretty serious right now, with 60+ "planned" attendance of Supra's. :)
    Will you be making it?

    Nick, Just wanted to inform you on some updates.
    Indy2k9 will be May 9th and 10th, 2009.
    Visit the thread! I have a link in my Sig that you can get to.

    Hope to see your car there. :)

    What's up, Nick. No, I'm not "the moderator" of ISC...But Yes, I am a moderator. ;)
    I have no problem with you joining! It appears as if you're in the Evansville'ish area?
    Most of us in the club are in Indy/Central IN...but there's quite a few from here and south.
    I'm currently in the works of putting together another Indy meet for 2k9,
    So...I'll be sure to keep you in mind and up to speed with things.
    Don't hesitate to give me call sometime if you ever need anything or have any questions about good ol' Indiana. ;)

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