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  • My cf project is getting an 89+ bumper. I already have it with the turbo a duct cut out. I might cut the pig nose off though, havent decided. Just so you know. Both look great.
    hey ive been looking at your supras and i saw you have 2 in the same colour as mine.
    i gotta say your paint is in great nic by the looks of it. just to make sure your paint code is 8D4 isnt it? thanks
    <Quote: edit: sorry I miss read. You asked for people to not reply unless they have either of the garbage items you're interested in. My bad.>

    I just spit sprite at my keyboard. :rofl:

    Nice supra you got a 62 Trim from ebay? ;)
    I don't want anyone to know about this, but Vonda called out your name last night, and I didn't find it one dam'd bit funny.
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