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  • Just curious about your S.M. join date. 1969....really?? Were you on cup and string forums, and were they still called...threads???GET IT? Threads,hahahaha
    I sent a question about not being able to view jpgs in the galleries. If you replied, where can I see that reply?
    Hay GrimJack: I met U @ SILV 08 on scenic drive to the saloon last week. I was the senior dude with the sweet stock white Mk III. I got Photos 2 send U. A great time had by all, ah?? Good to meet you. I'm computer challenged so best send photos via E-Mail. My E-Mail is OK?
    Hi, I'm going to be in surrey next week, and i would like to know of any shops that have Mk3 supra performance parts in the van. area. Exhaust (3" cat back) is on the top of my list, As well as a full fuel upgrade. Other than those item's I would definetly look for other "go fast" parts. Thank You.
    Hey, I just wanted you to know I had a lot of fun with you last night and I think we should hang out more often... man I'm so glad these messages are private, to think if anyone knew!

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