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  • Are you still doing supra projects? I would like to talk to you about redoing my steering wheel. I live in Corvallis I think we have met once. Terry
    If you need to contact me for any reason please use my email adress of facime@hotmail.com
    I can handle Scott, you Im not so sure about. Taking on SC in public? are you sucidal? LOL...just teasing!
    MKII's FTW. Pete, if Scott starts pestering you, let me know and I'll find someone to do something about it.
    90 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 but its up for sale and Im keeping my eye open for a decent mk2. The jeep is solid, but boring, lol
    Hey Pete! I know I used to have you on my list of friends. The new system must require a friend to approve of you being their friend. BTW......What are you driving now?

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