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  • Dr "J" About a half a month ago, you sent a really nice wiring color diagram of a Pin out to Greddy Rebic Pinout. Can I talk to you about getting a "Pin out" to Greddy Ultimate" wiring diagram, much like the one you sent, Martin P, his was nice, it had pin out with wire color. It would be very, much apreciated!! Or tell me how I can get one. I'd even be willing to compensate you for your efforts.
    If your so inclined:"90" Supra/ 5speed / with turbo,.. for now THANKS!!
    Hey i saw a post saying u make Manual Boost controllers? If this is true shoot me a PM with some info please.
    Hello sir , chris shaeff send me to you about the manual boost controller . im looking for one to install on my supra stock , have any sir, thanks in advance best regards Faisal
    sorry meant to say Drive not auto. It shifts at 4000 and 5000 instead of 6000-6500 and on the dyno boost was just 1 bar. They tried playing with the E01 but no luck. Only put down 330 rwhp on the roller. So not the 360 i was getting on the dynopack or dynojet, but i realize rollers will get you 10-15 % lower hp since the wheels are on.
    Hi Adam. The car is still at the shop since the tranny guy found a drip from the rack. So the remanned rack that went in a month ago is getting looked at and repaired under warranty. The tranny is good. In manual shift it pulls like crazy but in auto not so hot. Think it needs your expertise to tune the emanage on a roller dyno. The aftermarket O2 sensor wire still needs to be sodered to the Greddy A/F wires too. My AIM isn't working so email me if you can. thanks Jim

    I know that this is a Long Shot but do you still have that Turbo AFM that you mentioned in your For sale post. I think you said that it was untested or you werent for sure if it worked. I think I need one.
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