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  • Hello. I posted a few days ago in the MKIII parts section an unfinished car with a bunch of aftermarket goodies for sale. I was hoping you can help me out and move my post to it's proper location, Cars for sale. the post name is "SUPER DEAL. 1989 Toyota Supra Turbo unfinished project FS." Please let me know if there's anything you can do. Thanks.

    I saw you were online.

    I tried to edit my title for my ad. New title doesnt show when you first look at mk3 parts section. When you click on it, it shows it.
    Does it take time to switch or ?

    i wanted to change it because half the stuff in title is gone. And Im trying to get more to look at it.

    Thanks Rich
    hey buckshot. can you do me a favor?

    i have a really old build thread i need reopened. can you do it?

    i have alot of pictures i want to put up.

    i plan on putting 15+ grand into my mkiii.i guess im a true enthuisist. id take a new mkiii over a new mk4 any day. what about you?
    i have a freakn performance shop inside my closet,and its all goin on soon.thats why i want to use my thread. shes gona fire up anyday now!!

    pm me if you can help
    i apologize about the car sale post, been awhile since i posted. thank you again for the patience.
    My Supra for sale thread was locked 'cause I only had 1 pic in it. We washed it earlier and took pics. Once i have the pics available, what's the process to unlock?

    I'll need some weedeating done also. Do you do that as well, and if so, how much to clean my pool while you're here? I will want this done on a every other week basis so make the price fair. Thanks.
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