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    Thanks for all the help man, ill let you know which one I go with and how they turn out.
    Thanks for the notice haha. Do you know of a coilover that is able to go high but then low enough like those cxracing coils? And I was looking at the megan ez streets, would you recommend those?
    In those pics of your car with the cxracing coils. Is that the highest they go haha? Was wondering cause im planing on getting a pair.
    Hey will you send the unit to me? I could use it as a backup once I know it works. How much would you sell it for?
    Did you press and hold the oval button, revv the engine to about 4K steady, wait 2 seconds, release the oval button, then mash the gas?
    Lol, used to 2jz being swapped in, how did you wire it up? Is the ground now solid, is the pos switched? Crank or Cam sensor? Are you able to use the cam sensor?
    Updates? I was thinking I have the 7M CPS "ground down/shaved" to fit on my 2J, so I still have 7M (GE)wiring, what do you have on ur 1J?
    what year is your MK3? pre 90? if you have the inslated wire CONSTANT ground, and the red to a positive that is switched or get's a pos signal from clutch, all you need now is the sensor wire to your CPS. pre 90 use the red/orange-ish wire from the CPS, as in it literally comes out of the CPS, not the harness going to that. On the thread where you bought the anti lag i posted a link. Also hold down the big button and rev to what rpm you want, then release it to set. If I set it to 6K, it retards to 4K and shoots fireballs. It doesn't sit there like a revv limiter. Once EVERYTHING is surely wired correctly, you can turn the level up from factory level 2, which is default, up to 10. i left it at 2 as I get great results as is. I will post this on my wall as well for convenience. Let me know what year your car is, turbo or non. -steve-
    Check the Stinger thread here on SM. There is alot of work that goes into it, I did not wire my standalone, hottscennessey from here did.
    Yes, thinking of selling it once the ATI damper goes on. Stinger 4 EMS. Check the NA-T welcome thread for "Steve Tangential" post (700hp in title) for mod list
    Yeah, what i don't understand is how they are fine on 240s and 350zs so ive heard. But not with MK3s. Oh well, il just stick with my tokicos and H&Rs for now.
    Okay, i now beleieve you. Just got my set in a few days. I fully extended them to the maximum height and as i i was lowering the front, the car just slammed to the ground with my tires literally sitting on my fenders. They didn't test them on any MK3s before they sold them im willing to bet cause that was bullshit. Im in the process of shipping them back.
    Hey man, i read your post on those CXRacing coilovers you posted. Are you sure you had them fully extended???
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