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  • Awesome! I may be able to come to it. Some friends of mine are graduating on the 9th so I may only be able to make it on the 10th.

    Thanks for letting me know man I really appreciate it!

    Thanks man I really appreciate it. Yeah I am in Evansville, how did you know that? IP tricks?

    Absolutely man I really appreciate it! I'd love to make it to the TX2K9 (thats where I'm from) but its just so far of a drive and the times dont match up with my spring break at UE.

    Thanks Jeff!


    What time would the 2K9 meet be?
    Hey my name is Nick and I live in Indiana 10 months out of the year for school... Can I be a part of this club? (Indiana Supras Club) Or is full time residence a necessity?

    Are you the moderator for that club?

    Anyone in southern Indiana?

    I've got a 2JZ-GE-T 89 White Supra.

    Can I join? (Crossing fingers)
    I did hear the bad news. what a shock. I still cant believe it.
    I've been doing ok, working alot of OT last couple months.
    I garaged the supra two weeks after chi2k8 and havent done a thing to it since.
    maybe next year if I get ambitious. or sell it and find one with a 2jz already swapped.
    Nice vids btw. are you going to make them into a dvd?
    take care, nice hearing from ya.
    4 inches...?!?!

    This is really big!!!!....isn't it?.................for a Korean man.

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