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  • This may be old but I'm looking for some info on mounting some mkiv calipers on my mkiii. Got a set from a friend for free so I would like to get um mounted.
    I read that you have mk4 rotors on your mk3. Can you let me know what i need to do inored tto do that on my car? Thanks.

    If I remember correctly, I used 2" x .125" 6061 aluminum bar. I simply used a vise to bend it and a hacksaw to cut it....It came out fairly well for such a crude way of making it. To make the brackets, first make templates out of cardboard - saves you from drilling lots of holes.
    Hey Adam.

    I wanted to ask you; any tips for making intercooler, and oil cooler brackets like yours?

    What sheet metal do you use, what do you cut with?


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