W58 help.


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Sep 7, 2023
Im building a 2jz swapped mk3 supra and im having problems with my W58 transmission. i finally got the engine and trans in the car and i went to put my shifter in and it is having trouble getting into gear. Its on a stock transmount bracket i got off of ebay and a mount off of summit. I jacked the trans up and it moved completely fine but once its back down it wont shift again. its a cube speed short shifter with new bushing an all that. If anyone could help me figure out this issue it would be very helpful.


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Dec 2, 2014
las vegas nv
Hi Joe wish i could help more . I had to shorten the linkage rod on mine but i dont have the engine running yet and dont know how its going to perform. All prndl positions seen good so far. Someone will have the answer . If you have success let Me know.
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Dec 22, 2023

This week, I took my cars every day, it is my car for daily use, it currently has 48 thousand kms. (60 kms

Today when it is turned on it does not start, it seems to be a battery problem, but this is what the board does. (attached video)

With help from friends at MCmedics, I tried the following:

- Turn the engine with a 21m key, and it turns without problem in both directions. I could rule out a problem in the DLD

- The battery is ok, use a multimeter and it is charged.

- Check if there is power to the starting motor and it is also ok

Now my only theory is that the starting motor is failing making a short circuit in the system and it is going to ground. I'll take it out tomorrow to try it out. I have tried to use an engine cleaner product but it didn’t change anythhing.

Any ideas or something else I can try?