Supra Build Up/Gallery Section Rules

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Mar 30, 2005
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Ok Folks.

Time to tidy this section up.

The Supra build Up/Gallery is a service from the folks doing the build up to the rest of the community. They share what they are doing for SupraMania's benifit.

With that said,

What the the Supra Build up forum is not;

what engine, tyre/tire, car, year, make, model is better sub-fourm. (The builder in nice enough to show the rest of us what they are doing, If they want a critique, believe me they will ask for it!)

a sub-forum to lambast what the "Builder" is doing. Again, if they did not ask for critique. You can still give it just be sure to stick to facts not speculation, hearsay, "I feel", "I think". Praises are always welcomed.


A place to thread crap. If the builder decides to use a LS7 in their car. Do not come in and thread crap! You might not agree with it but again. The builder is doing the community a favor in letting us see how things are done with a different engine. If you don't like it, well, find the back button in your internet browser of choice and press it or the backspace key works well also. Do not thread crap because if I or the other mods catch you. There will be no warning. You WILL get an infraction (that is 2 points right off the bat!).

Ok so those are the No's

What the Supra Build up/Gallery forum is;

You can give the builder an idea that he might have overlooked or way to improve what he is doing. Do it with diplomacy (ie, you might want to look at a full flow oiling system to address some short comings of the stock 7m oil system and NOT, are you seriously retarded? That looks like ass and you are retarded for using the stock oil system/7m etc. Which sounds better? :))

You can give the builder praises kudos on what they are doing. All of us do not think alike so they might take a different route due to any number of reasons. Be mindful if you post a constructive criticism :)

You can start your own Build thread! Make sure it is a build thread and not a "What do you guys think I should do?" thread

A thread that is begining halfway/ quarter way or you finished your buiild! Yes that is right, some people finish their builds and then post the pictures of the progress from start to finish. That is justa s good! :)

Look at the build forums as a learning tool. There is some nice ideas from paint, wheel selection, turbo selection etc in here. Use this as a guide of sorts!
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