Scion and Tesla....worlds apart!


On the road again..
Dec 9, 2007
Wow, lots of cobwebs in this corner of the forum!

I haven't street raced in years. Don't look to do it. However, I had an interesting couple of opportunities today while driving my SC300 (2jz-na). The late model Scion TC (red) was driven by a lady. It flew by as I was pulling onto the road. Caught up at the stoplight and the traffic cleared up to the next light about a quarter mile away. I didn't really launch until I saw the red Scion go, was a bit surprised because ladies usually don't race. What the heck. Six cylinders beats four :naughty:

Fifteen minutes later I'm tailing a new Tesla (S model?) cruising out of the local shopping center. He was moving it pretty good in the city. Again, caught up with him at a light and the traffic cleared out ahead of us to the next light. I got a call on my cell (ugh!), a salesperson (ugh!) so my launch was not that great. Not that it mattered. We topped out at 50. I had fallen a couple of car lengths behind. Did remember to turn off the AC, but I had the ECT in normal and not sport. Don't think that would've helped much either!