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Another MkIII

Feb 22, 2009
I have been doing a lot of work for my dad's business recently. Most of the fleet are Chevy Express 1500s, but there is also a Dakota, and some others may get added. I have finally gotten tired of going to the auto parts store every time I need a code read, and between the company fleet and other cars I work on, I have decided a scan tool would be a good investment. Now, simply put, a Modis costs more than any car I own, so I'm looking to spend around $400. ABS and Airbag codes would be nice, but I would rather be able to read and clear codes, see freeze frame data, etc.

The two I have looked at are the Actron 9680 and the Innova 3160. From the reviews I have read, I have started to rule out the Actron. It sounds like they don't release updates, they have software and reliability issues, and the customer service is subpar. I also read that they do what they can to get out of warranty replacements. The Innova seems like a better option in terms of support, but doesn't seem like it does as much as the Actron. That being said, I've heard they are more reliable. Both of them have shortcomings when it comes to ABS, which I can live with.

So my question is do you guys have any other suggestions. I would prefer to read your personal experiences working with various scan tools, but any information would help.

Here are links to both of the scan tools I listed:
Actron 9680


Nick M

Black Rifles Matter
Sep 9, 2005
I have never used either one. I have used Vetronix produced tools for Toyota and GM, among others. Sadly, the laptop is replacing them. You might consider a high quality but used tool that has all the cards.