Rolls Royce wanted to Play


Are U Here 2 take My Baby
I went to a friend of mines house, and his girlfriend wanted a ride in my car. I told her sure why not its a nice day. So i hop on the express way, get a clearing and took her up to 120 real quick. Slowed down and hit a little here and there until was too the ext i was going to use. I get off proceeded to 2 lights and my lane was pretty clear so gave her a little throttle. After this i started to check my surrounding as i didnt want to go to fast as there was quite a few cars out, today being a beautiful sunday afternoon. This i when i noticed a huge grill in my rear view. Im telling my buddys girl i think theres a Bently behind us. I proceed to make a right on the the next major road and i noticed he turned as well. I then speed up to pass the slower cars and merged over, and then Mr. Bently hit it and came flying past us, then thats when i noticed the double R. I was like OMG thats quarter million dollar car, i dont get to see these much around these parts and too top it off he was in it full throttle. Not seeing this coming i wasnt in the proper gear,but i did drop it down to catch up too him.I followed him down the road, but there was too many cars so we couldnt stretch our legs again. He then turned off about a quarter mile up , so i honked and waived.

Pretty good day so far :)

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