Rebuilding 7M found crank to contain runout


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May 27, 2006
Corinth, Maine
Hey guys,

I'm rebuilding my 7mgte and it needs to have the rod journals ground down due to melting a rod bearing. The machine shop found that the crank shaft had runout in it that needs to be fixed. My question is should I have them fix the runout or find a replacement. I have a 7mge with low miles from Japan so should I pull that crank out and see if that is in better shape? Thanks for the help guys.

Also anyone know of any good machine shops up in Bangor, Maine area? thanks.


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Mar 31, 2005
I'd have the other crank checked out and use it instead if it's found to be in satisfactory condition. Guys do have their cranks machined and have had success, though I'm not a fan of that unless absolutely necessary from being unable to locate good parts. But since you do have an extra crank jmo I would choose that option first. Good luck!