No power to fuel pump


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May 8, 2005
Douglasville, GA
Hey guys, I need some advice, I'm not getting power at the fuel pump except when I jump the b+ and fp terminals in the test box. I've already checked all the fuses, replaced the fp relay, the main efi relay, and the circuit opening relay. It was running fine, then the other day I went to start it and it just wasn't getting any fuel, didn't change or replace anything, it just stopped working. The fuel pump was replaced a few months ago, the tank was cleaned and re-lined, and the fuel filter is new. Any advice on what to check next would be appreciated.


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Jun 8, 2011
By jumping b+ to fp youre basically bypassing the resistor. Have you done the 12v mod? My method of the 12v mod is to simply cut the yellow wire from the ecu to the fuel pump relay that makes current flow through the resistor. At any rate be sure there is voltage going in and out of the fuel pump resistor if you still have it.