My mk3 vs mkiv


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Sep 12, 2006
Chatham, Va
Not much of a race seeing as this guy is running an 80mm turbo with low boost at 18psi ha. But every time I see this guy driving around I'm never in my car or I'm in a store somewhere. Finally was able to cruise with him a bit. We got a little room on a nice straight, both dropped to third and took off on three honks. I instantly pulled a car length and for that very slight moment I thought "wait whaaa?", but it was lag lag lag then BAM he took off like crazy. Come to find out that was ooonnnllyyy his low boost of 18 psi. Ha, I was on low boost also of 11 psi on my stock ct. We pulled in a gas station and talked for a bit. He was actually impressed with my car and gave the ole 7m some respect. Felt good to find out he's not some tard who thinks cause he has a high hp mkiv that other supras are useless. So I totally got worked but it was probably the only time I can say it was a lot of fun doing so.