Mkiii Targa Top Subwoofer


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Nov 14, 2012
Atlanta, Ga Area
Hey guys,

I've been absent from posting and everything for a while. Graduation/ New job/ Changed job now your all caught up.
Besides the point anyway. I love car audio never quite got into competition, but I've got some pretty good time invested
in the hobby. Anyway I know exactly how I want my music to sound.

Fiigured I'd post my trials, errors etc on here for any others that may be interested


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Nov 14, 2012
Atlanta, Ga Area
Here is my first setup. Very basic but did decent.


1 10'' MTX HX2 in a small 1cuft ported box

Like I said decent.

I wanted more bass and the HX2 is very deep and very heavy for just 1 10''
so I moved on to (2) Atomic Quantum 8's


4.5 inch Mounting depth handles about 500-600rms
I built a 1.5cuft ported box for these guys intending
to tune them down to 33hz. HORRIBLE :3d_frown:
Box Dimensions were off way too much port... Trash

Back to the drawing board
I knew I wanted a bigger sub but didnt want to lose my spare
backseat or have to shimmy the box on top of the back seat
when I have the targa in the back. so I knocked back a few
one night and spent hours searching :beer:

The restrictions
  • Fit targa with sub in place
  • Fit on top or infront of spare
  • no slim mount subs
  • bigger than 10''
  • high sensitivity (louder with lower power)
  • reasonably lightweight
  • small mounting depth
  • content with smaller box
  • Must be able to be wired @ 2ohm

Option You may want to consider:
Sundown SD Series> I own two 10s great subs
Atomic Quantums> I believe they stopped making the 8'' version. GREAT SUBS poor marketing/service
Sundown E series
Old Orion HCCA subs have small mounting depths like 5-6'' I think

Anyway I settled on this:

Boston Acoustics SPG555-2
They dont make these anymore but you can still find em
These subs were made for smaller enclosures, High Sensitivity
high power handling and BIG-ish. :love:

Now to shoehorn that guy in:
1cuft is recommended below are my box plans
Width 31''

I ended up modifying the bottom section deeper to
make up for area I lost to fit inside the spare tire.



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