Mk3 Supra diff and subframe design vs Mk4


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Jun 15, 2017
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So I was looking at the mk4 subframe and how the diff is secured, and found that it is very similar to BMW way of doing things.
On the Mk4, there are two horizontal bushings that go on the diff that attach to the subframe. This allows the diff to move up and down a little . The Prop shaft also has a guibo.
On the mk3 the diff is fixed to the subframe with no movement, and the prop shaft has no guibo.
So comparing the two, is the Mk4 design better and for what reason is it designed that way over the mk3 ?


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Mar 31, 2005
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I would say that Toyota learned that when you sell an expensive car to people who can afford it, the car had better be quiet. The MkIV design is "better" to many people because it's quieter. The MkIII design is better to a few of us because it performs better and we accept noise as a side effect.


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Sep 1, 2006
The mk4 started to use euro style stuff and design like differential vs subframe mounts/bushings.
The mk3 is more analog, still it is the same as quite as the mk4 during it's operation.

The mk3 diff is better secured on the A70 subframe than the mk4 is. The mk3 has 6 bolts/studs secure positions vs the 4 positions the N/A mk4 has or the 5 positions the TT mk4. Still the mk3 subframe is attached to the chassis with bushings. Yes the diff doesn't have a rubber donut mount vs driveshaft like the mk4 has but it doesn't have a fixed yoke like the mk4 driveshaft has. I have both cars, and both cars are great, but I slightly like better the mk3 mentality of construction.
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Feb 16, 2010
The mk4 is based on the SC/Soarer platform which was already available before the mk4 supra . So a generation newer and more luxurious.