Machine shop shops

Wayne G.

87Turbo 5sp Targa
Apr 19, 2005
Looking for a machine shop to deck block and head on 7MGTE. I am north of Atlanta. I was going to use
Bryan Maloof Racing Inc in Clarkesville, GA. but don't know if they are still in business. Anybody
have a ballpark for having this sort of work done? Also need valve job and cylinder bore as well.


87T Supra
Nov 18, 2006
Lake County, IL
This was from my local machine shop last year. They did

-clean oil passages on block
-clean oil passages on crankshaft
-new oil pump shaft bearings
-new freeze plugs
-mill cylinder head
-deck block
-hone cylinders
-paint block

I highly suggest you inspect/walk around the place you are taking your engine parts to and see what is currently being worked on and who will be doing the work. My machine shop worked on everything from 4 cylinder Honda motors to fully built race motors (on site engine dyno as well) and everyone in that place had over 10 years to 30 years experience. I'm sure you know but do not forget your lower rear timing cover when you deck the block.