Info for those in need of Rear Hubs


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May 21, 2023
As I'm sure you all know, there are no available rear hubs for the MK3 Supra's. I've however found an alternative hub that works perfect for the MK3. They may need machined depending on your break set up. It's about $50 for the pair of hubs and around $40 if you need to machine them.

The hubs are from a 1993-2000 Lexus LS400. The LS400 and MK3 share the exact same hub bearings, wheel seals, bolt pattern, and axle spline. The hub face is a different design, however this has no effect and is irrelevant. The only notable difference is the MK3's wheel hub bore and the brake rotor bore is 60.1MM. While the LS400 shares the 60.1MM wheel bore, it has a 62.1MM rotor bore.

Depending on your brake setup, you may need to machine the rotor bore lip. If you are running the stock MK3 rotors/calipers, you will need to have the 62.1MM rotor bore lip machined down to accept the stock MK3 rotors. If you've upgraded to MK4 rear brakes, no machining will be necessary as they share the larger 62.1MM rotor bore. If you have stock brakes and want to upgrade them while also avoid needing to machine the hubs, Freddy English has a nice big brake upgrade. $189 for the brackets as of right now plus sourcing the rotors/calipers. His site is fredtechlighting . com

There is also a decent chance your hub bearing retaining rings will break while swapping bearing, if they do, new ones for the MK3 aren't available, however Dorman 933-457 rings work great. $6-7 bucks each on amazon


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Dec 14, 2022
I've a pre-order for Freddy's rear big brake upgrade so this is good info should something happen to my OEM rear hubs.