How to rebuild the CT-26, and MAKE IT LIVE


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Apr 1, 2005
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And you told me it would be easy... that sounds like a real PITA.... seriously...
I think I'll need a rebuild for my 7m project, any thoughts on a cost?


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Sep 17, 2013
HI MDC MotorSports

your write up was fabulous on the CTR-26 MAKE IT LIVE.... i and alot of readers really appreciate what you did.

My question is , at the end of your blog.. you mentioned that you would do a follow up in 2011 with pictures or Videos ... its now 2016 and i was wondering if you ever did that?? Im about to rebuild my CT-26 in my 87 Supra.. and any more additional info or updated advice would help.
I got the EBAY rebuild kit - it said it was Toyota OEM kit. I will follow your instruction with sanding the oil seal washer on 1000 grit paper on glass surface.

my question is - what GASKETS for attachment or Oil & Water lines do i need? Part numbers or online purchase locations would be most helpful..

i appreciate your rely and feed back MDC!! :)