How-To: Pre-89 Torque strut on your 89+ supra


Madd Tyte JDM yo ®
Apr 2, 2005
st. pete, fl
becauseican;960057 said:
^^^ got any pics to post up?

ok, i got them... even if you dont need them anymore. i took them of a spare engine mount and torque strut mount but i didnt grind anything since i didnt feel like it. but youll see the offending areas and where you would need to grind in order to get the upper mount to line up properly.


(the strut mount is inverted in this pic. also, the stud is just a bolt poked thru the bottom. 89+ engine blocks do not have a stud in this hole like the pre-89 blocks do; use a longer 10mm x 1.25 bolt)


(the plate will not sit flush against the mounting boss of the engine mount. without a stud in this hole, youll NEVER get a bolt threaded into the block in as-is form)


(This is how far off the casting flash and fuel pipe mounting boss causes the torque strut mount to be misaligned.)


(the cross hatched areas are the surfaces you need to grind. its unnecessary to go further than this)

and finally, to prove that it can be done; A pre-89 engine torque strut fitted to the 1990 7M in my 1989 ma70 chassis. Thanks to Tubbie for the parts; my go-to guy for UOS parts (Used Old stock :) )


PS: i disassembled the rubber bushing ends and drilled out the "washers" so they would be able to compress the rubber donuts rather than tighten against the shoulder of the strut rod ends. then, i placed 2 hardware store washers over the factory "washers" to act as shims. i tightened the stock nuts back onto the torque strut, the new washers caused the modified stock washers to compress the rubber slightly more and create a bit less slop. any more compression would cause the rubber to split in rather short order.