Houston Supra Club Cruise


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Feb 6, 2012
Houston, TX
I am quoting Jame's post from SF since everything is laid out we are trying to grow with this group because the turn outs at first were very small but they are growing with each meet and we want to see more MK3s and Mk2s or even MK1s.
OdyOwnage;10590674 said:
Hello all,

I believe this is a previous HPD cruise route that has been taken before (per Steve).

In an effort to get the Houston Supras together for a nice video and picture shot during the day, I figured this cruise would be a great opportunity to capture that.

It would be nice to compile a nice edited video to represent ourselves as I have yet to see any video 2-3 minutes long that shows the beauty of our cars.

July 26, 2014

9:00am meet at centralized location and roll out at 10:00am

Centralized meeting point at 110 Vintage Park Blvd., Houston Texas 77070


route details below

Meet, cruise, two pit stops, video and pictures along the way, eat and drive back.

We will need at least two to three dedicated camera and photography people to capture stuff from the front and the back. If anyone can have passengers that can do so it would make it the best option.

Trying to make it back before it gets to hot. For the drive back you can just take 45 straight back down.

Here's the route:


249 to 2920, left
2929 to Roberts cemetery road, right
Roberts cemetery road to Nichols sawmill road, left
Nichols Sawmill road to Macedonia road, right
Macedonia road to joseph road, left
Joseph road to Hegar Road, right
Hegar road to 1488, left
1488 to fm 362, right
Fm 362 to dyer mill road, right
Continue until 105, straight
309 to 2445, right
2445 to fm 1774, left
1774 to 2819, right
2819 to 1486, left
1486 to 149, right
149 to 1791, left
1791 to I45, straight
Avenue Q to 10th street, left
10th street to avenue F, left
Avenue F to 9th street, left
Bennie J’s - 621 9th St, Huntsville, TX 77320

Roll call list:

1. OdyOwnage (MK4)
2. Supra Turbo (MK4)
3. Ahmad (MKIII)
4. thrustn (MK4)
5. SuperBrian85 (tentative) (MK4)
6. heathds (tentative) (MR2)
7. jmart (tentative) (MK4)
8. racinstylz (tentative if Supra is ready in time)
9. jamesmkiii (NSX and a couple of friend)
10. Mike (MK4)
11. Steve (IS350 i think)
12. Chippy (MK4)
13. Alex (tentative) (MK4)
14. Alec (tentative) (Vette)
15. Zack (tentative) (MKIII)
16. Chris (tentative) (MKIII)
17. Stance Autoworks (tentative) (dunno what he got)
18. Damien (tentative) (dunno what he got)
19. Slow Supra (MK4)

Please confirm and lets do this!

Let me know who would like to attend and I will add your names and what Supra you have to our post on Facebook, so we can get a good idea of who will be attending. Thanks and hope to see a bunch of us out there.