Guidelines for Introduction Threads

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Okay, first off, welcome to SupraMania!

My name is Kai, and along with Boost Lee, buckshotglass, Dunckel & Jeff Lange, we're the moderators for this particular subsection. If you have any problems in this subsection, come to us - it's what we're here for! We do keep an eye on all the threads here, but we don't catch everything. Active community feedback is essential for us to do our jobs.

When you post a thread in the intro section, its principally to introduce yourself to the rest of the community and for others to notice you as a new member.

By all means post up pictures of your ride, but, please refrain from asking technical questions about what modifications you can do, engine trouble etc.

The technical subsections of SupraMania exist for this very reason, and lately, i've had to clear up & move more than a few threads of people asking tech questions on their first post.

If you feel the urge to ask a tech question, think to yourself: "Am i posting this in the right section?". This applies to the blog section as well, which is for blogging ONLY.

Enjoy your stay with us!


Folks, if you see others posting tech questions in this forum - report the post!

There is absolutely no buying, selling or trading of anything outside of the Classifieds sections!
Not open for further replies.