Gonna try to get back in the supra game


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Dec 12, 2008
vancouver, wa
Hey guys,

Thinking of getting another supra in the near future (wifey is cool if I get one as soon as I am done remodeling the house :icon_bigg). I had an 87 turbo - sold around 05, and an 89 turbo sold around 2011.
I had gotten married and with a new baby I had no time for a sports car back then. Also I got tired of the targa leaking all the time, which is a pain in the Pacific NW.

Now I got much further in my career and have a better income than before, and have a three car garage at my house which gives me some room to work (before it was usually my parents garage that wasnt ideal). Also, I work on heavy equipment, and have more tools and abilities to build a car than before. My oldest son and my brothers are also wanting me to get another supra, and I figure it might be a good way to spend time with family too.

My goals;

Hardtop, 89+ lights with a 86-88 front bumper. Cherry dark red, will be painted. Grey interior (92 black is ideal but it was rare 8 years ago, who knows now)
2jz swap. Manual. Not too sure of hp goals yet, but my main concern is to have a reliable car. 400-500 hp I would be (I think) happy with.
I want a "sporty" feeling car where its fun to take it out on the twisties on the weekends but wont beat you up too much with super harsh suspension.
Going to try and keep it as factory looking as possible on the outside, slightly lowered, decent rims etc.

Anyways its nice to be back, and I have a lot of reading up to do, get back up to speed on all things supra.


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Mar 26, 2006
Jeff got the big boy engine, the IS350, but yeah, it's the manual. His Corolla though... drool.