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Dec 30, 2005
If any of you saw my other thread, I actually DID upgrade my '89 tape deck to a 2001
Camry tape/cd deck, and it was way better than the original. Problem was, the deck started going out on that one as well.
And what should I expect from a 15 year old tape mechanism? Also, my system was lacking any bass of course. So, because of those issues, plus
my girlfriend wanted something she could plug her iPhone into, I decided to go modern. Modern, but cheap. After all, today's stereo units can do everything
you could ever want(short of nav) for around a hundred bucks. So why go nuts?

My purchase list included the following:

Pioneer FH-X820BS - $125
Rockville 10" powered sub - $115
15ft 8 gauge power wire - $8
8 gauge fuse holder - $6
Metra harness adapter - $7.00
various terminal connectors and loom - $10

So, I put together a system for just over $270. I had also replaced the front speakers with cheap kenwoods, about 2 months ago, for $30.
So all together, we'll call this a $300 system. The Pioneer has Bluetooth, hands-free calling, Pandora, and can be connected to XM satellite for around $40.
The sub is by Rockville. Yes, a stupid name for a low-end sub. BUT, on Amazon, it was VERY highly rated for output and durability. Along with the fact that it can fit
under the targa top in the hatch, and I was sold. the install took around 5 hours, because I decided to do everything as well as I could, so I'd never have to touch it again.

The harness adapter is a must-have, if you want simple, and you don't want to hack up the car's connectors.


The hands-free mic didn't take too long to install. I removed the A-pillar cover, and fed the wire through the oem harness clips to keep it clean.
I then simply fed it down the side of the dash, and across to the stereo area, zip-tying as I went. The A-pillar was the best location for audio quality,
according to most people online.


The power cable for the amp: I decided to run it along the oem path towards the drivers' kickpanel. The extra effort to unbolt half the splash shield gives you access to an
existing grommet just above the K.P.


Placed the fuse holder next to the diagnostic port, using an existing M6 threaded hole.


The amp/sub's rca's, remote lead, remote control cable were all fed under the center console, under the rear seat, and up to the amp.
The Power cord was run inside the oem harness sleeve, that runs under the rocker panel carpet.
The ground cable was actually bolted to the support bracket that allows the rear seatbacks to swing down. It was perfect, because it's right next to the amp, and right between the two seat backs.


The ONLY desecration of the interior, was two 1/32" holes, for the screws that fasten down this remote control, as well as one 1/4" hole beneath, to feed the wire through.
I'd rather have the holes here, than place this thing under the dash, etc.


The Pioneer unit pretty much fills the oem space with nearly zero gap. It bolts right in, using the oem brackets. I'm VERY happy with the sound, and Bluetooth calls are very clear.
My project car is getting a serious system installed, but for this car, I wouldn't change any of my choices.

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Dec 30, 2005
Thanks. Yeah, I like the oem color matching, but you can change both the button and backlight colors separately to any combination that you can imagine.

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Nov 10, 2006
Wow. I need to upgrade my audio. I've waited forever and just haven't done anything because I can't decide what I want and I have this high-end cohesive system in mind. In reality, I would have been better off getting something cheap years ago and upgrading if needed.

Thanks for the motivation to actually do something for my audio!


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Dec 30, 2005
Thanks for reading.
My '88 Project is getting the high end system, but honestly, putting more than 1 10" or 12" in your car is
simply to impress others, not to improve actual fidelity. I am so pleased with my system, simply because it's clean,
sounds fantastic, and doesn't kill my interior space.