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Jeff Lange

Staff member
Mar 29, 2005
Calgary, Canada
The following are the official site rules on signatures, they are guidelines to be followed, and will be enforced at the discretion of the site staff so as not to annoy other forum members.

Also a note: annoying signatures, even if they fall within these guidelines, will still result in a request for a change. This is for everyone's benefit.

  • For signatures without an image, try to keep it to approximately 10-15 lines (including blank lines) of regular-sized text. Note that coloured text may not be correctly viewed across our multiple site styles, so it may be best to not use coloured text.
  • For signatures with only an image, keep it below 200KB. Also, do not use Windows Bitmap (.BMP) format. The absolute limit is 700 pixels width and 225 pixels height. If you have something that is 701 pixels wide, and 224 pixels height, that breaks the rules. If you have something that is 699 pixels wide, and 226 pixels height it still breaks the rules.
  • For signatures with a combination of an image and text, keep the image below 700x180 pixels and below 170KB. The limit of text you can have is 7 lines. Even if you have an image that is 100x10 pixels or however small, you cannot exceed 7 lines. Also, do not use Windows Bitmap (.BMP) format images, and remember that coloured text may not show up properly across all site styles.
  • You may only have one image in your signature (excluding smilies/emoticons). This is to minimize confusion regarding whether 2 or more images are still within the rules for signatures. If you have 2 images you'd like to use, combine them into one image that is within the limits for your chosen situation (image only or text/image combination).

A note: things like
tags do add more lines. Simply using a
tag makes your text inside that tag 2 lines, if you use it with a username, it is 3 lines. Something to keep in mind.

Another note: sometimes these rules are relaxed for some members, such as vendors, to allow them to adequately advertise their site-supported business, while still allowing them to display something personal in their signature.

Keep in mind that if you have a signature that breaks the rules, you will recieve a PM and you will have one day to change it, otherwise it will be deleted.

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