Engine rebuild - anything more I should do while at it?


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Nov 11, 2023
1990 Supra Turbo. The previous owner was running with a blown head gasket and coolant in oil, I think, and after a German Autobahn run at close to top speed for an hour, the engine developed some rod knock and dreadfully low oil pressure. (barely within Toyota spec) Okay, time for a rebuild.

No big intentions of any tuning, but I want a reliable engine that can be trusted for prolonged 200+ km/h on the Autobahn (full throttle and high rpms over time) without any fear of a breakdown.

I pull and install the engine myself, but the engine work and assembly is done by my trusted machine shop. Head will be rebuilt, crank needed some slight polishing, but was otherwise OK.

So far I have the following parts:
- Metal head gasket
- ARP head studs
- ARP rod bolts
- New radiator
- 3" downpipe/cat
- Rebuilt OE CT26 turbo
- Improved oil pump (Driftmotion)
- Improved oil pump pipe (the one that restricts flow)
- Wiseco oversize pistons (+0.5 mm)

Other parts will be OEM. I have a plan to change the oil cooler system from the hopeless pressure based system to a thermostat regulated system when I get the car back together and running.

Is there anything else that should *really* be done while in there that I have forgotten? Remember, no big tuning plans, keeping the stock ECU and turbo, but want to make it as close to possible to the reliability of a same year Camry. ;)


Nov 6, 2008
Stockholm, Sweden
a few things that could be considered:
-Insert washer for the head studs, the ones that require reaming
-Oil pump gear and the bearing for the shaft
-Info to give the machine shop; rear timing cover, timing belt tensioner and the surface finish of the block and head. The things required to avoid an unnecessary engine failure
-Valve springs and retainers
-Replacement of oil squirters
-Toyota FIPG where needed
-Is the thickness of your MHG chosen based on how much is machined of the head and block?

Just a few things :)