Engine cuts out at 1800 RPM


New Member
Jun 8, 2011
Have my 7MGTE running with maft pro(in speed density), 560cc injectors, 36psi fuel pressure( b+ jumped to fp) mainscale set to -20%. My Vf is reading a steady 2.0 volts at idle, perfect 14.7 to 15 AFR at idle, but when i slowly rev up to 1800rpm it cuts out but when revved up quickly it responds perfectly with no cutting out. No check engine light either.

I cant see the Maft pro causing this problem, all its doing is scaling back the air flow signal to run the bigger injectors. didnt drive it around too much, but managed to get it in second gear, and aside from running a little bit on the rich side(before really dialing my fuel pressure and mainscale settings) it didnt cut out. the cut at 1800 rpm feels almost like when you have a boost leak but only under that load and rpm.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.