Bleeding ABS manually


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Mar 12, 2022
I originally posted this a few months before the site went down, so here it is again! All of the wiring info was based on this thread on Supraforums, from user adxx. I rigged up a jumper and pushbutton circuit using a breadboard I had laying around to manually trigger the ABS pump and each solenoid. I got my car in 2018 and it did not have the proper rear gear, and it did not have the speedometer cable nor the driveshaft ABS speed sensor hooked up. My idea for the jumper was that it would be equally useful in both bleeding brakes and determining whether my ABS equipment still actually worked.

ABS bleed img 1.pngABS jumper circuit.png

Here's the setup that I used. Not pretty but it did the job.


This jumper does seem to draw a lot of current; that little pushbutton started smoking after I ran the pump on a few 1-second bursts.
As for the actual effectiveness of bleeding the brakes this way, it seems to have helped slightly. I've been chasing a soft pedal for years, and while this didn't resolve it completely, it did make things marginally better. I suspect the remanufactured master cylinder I replaced four years ago now has been the true culprit this whole time. I plan to use either a T100/Cressida 17/16 master to accompany the S500/Evo Brembo swap I did a while ago; once I source a new master I can report with greater certainty that this jumper is actually useful.


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Nice job, thanks for posting this back up. I had read your previous posting and sourced some pigtails from a junk car with the intent of making a tool to do the same. I have yet to get around to it, but it's helpful information just the same.
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