AR5 Trans Take Two: The Solstice Solution


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Nov 19, 2010
No, you have to use the mount from the Ar5 and I made my own mount bracket. I have more pictures I can upload. My supra is around the 500hp and so far so good no issues with the transmission yet. still shifts like butter. I went with the single driveshaft and clutch disk from drift motion FYI. the real down fall to this project was, I didn't have a R154 to start with. So by the time it was complete I have around $1800. invested. It will be a lot cheaper if you already have aR154 to take the parts off of..BUT, if I do blow this tranny up they are easy to get ahold of and it will only be around $500. Bottom line is if you have a blown R154 everything will swap off of it to the AR5 except shifter housing, tranny mount clutch disk. Drive shaft can be used with adapters. I just chose to go with driftmotions driveshaft.