Affordable Turbo Core/Cartridge CT12a


Getting back in the game
Aug 4, 2014
Hey guys,
I've never taken a turbo apart and could use some info from those who have. I'm in Canada and with our dollar taking a beating, I am going to wait a few years until I go single turbo. In the meantime, I want to "fix up" my twin turbos so they at least don't burn any more oil (spending as little as possible). I have two sets and both are toast.

In doing some research, I found a CT12a turbo cartridge on this website called aliexpress (they are chinese made). I'll post a link below. My question is, if I were to buy two of these cartridges, is it as simple as removing the old cartridge and placing the new one in place and button up the turbo again? I can't seem to find an answer anywhere so far. I assume the cartridges are different for each turbo, anyone know for sure (front vs back turbo).
Part numbers I've seen so far for the cartridges are: 17201-46010 & 17208-46010.