AEM EMS .cal files


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Aug 15, 2013
Anyone have some similar map i got to putter a couple times but i know something is up

1jz w/ bw s366
denso 850cc
stock head
255 walbro
gm iat
gm 3 bar 12223861
stock coils


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Oct 24, 2010
Pyro15D;1950904 said:
Hey here is mine. It works pretty well. Here is what I have:
1987 Supra Targa 7mgte
Stock ignition coils and ignitor
Stock engine internals and manifolds minus 2mm MHG and ARP head studs
Greddy intercooler
Tial 50mm BOV
HKS 3000 pipe
Boss Jr. 60-1 Ball bearing turbo
3 inch exhaust with HKS Super Drager
Action Clutch 2800 lb pressure plate with stock disc
560cc injectors
43psi fuel pressure with vacuum line disconnected from AFPR
GM 3-bar MAP sensor
Uses the fuel pump resistor relay signal to drive the radiator fan on output LS1
Set ignition timing to the standard 10 degrees BDTC like with the stock ecu.
It starts within a second of cranking every single time and idles at 775 rpms when warm. I've tuned it myself using bits of maps from the base tune and other fuel and ignition maps I've googled. This is the best I've been able to come up with so far without any professional help. I just drove 1200 miles over the weekend on this map and got 23 mpg with it. I know it isn't the best I could get with it, but it is a decent starting point for you all out there. If any of you are professional tuners and you look at this map, I am open to all comments you might have to squeeze more out of this motor. I've only pushed it to 15psi (which was today) and it didn't knock, so that's good. I am running premium 93 octane E10 (since buying gasoline without any ethanol in it is illegal in Washington State for some stupid reason) and it was around 75 degrees outside when I did the datalog. Hopefully this is enough info for you all to go off of. Just trying to give back to the community who has given me so much.
Cal file:View attachment 68556
Datalog:View attachment 68555

hey all. i', having my aem ems installed this weekend. i don't have a base map for it. will something like the one listed here work?

my mods are............ stock block with arp studs.
630 injectors
bic ddp, full 3", no cat
60-1 ct 26 11psi actuator
greddy profec b spec 2
afpr and wally 255 to be installed saturday
aasco flywheel
1 pc driveshaft

thanks in advance

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Apr 11, 2014

I need start-up file for 1jz turbo, Japanese version.

every thing is stook, using 2jzgte harness Japanese version as well

I tried to startup the car with the files those come with the ecu and didn't start




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Aug 26, 2005
Roll Tide
What do I need to download to be able to see these maps. I downloaded the AEM.ems and every time I click on one of your maps, it tells me that the version I downloaded doesn't work with this. Thanks.


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Nov 17, 2011
So I'm in real need of a base map so I can get my car started from the swap and be able to diag it if something is wrong and be able to break my clutch in before actually getting it tuned. Anybody on here by chance able to help me out? 1jzgte non-vvti AEM V1 (model 30-1100 mk4 box) Mods are as follows. Any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance

•tweakd jumper harness to chaser harness
•93 octane base map
•1jz stock throttle body
•Stock cam/stock motor
•Siemens deka 850cc high impedance injectors top feed (so that resistor pack is not needed)
•Warlboro 430lph pump
•Aem 5 bar map sensor
•Mac valve for boost control
•GM iat sensor
•Single Turbo is a 66/73 garret hybrid journal bearing. 70/ar compressor side t4 .81/ar hot side
•Plugs are the ngk bkr7e
•Going to be Using hks dli but not currently installed yet
•Stock coil packs