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A.K.A. Knight Rider
Oct 28, 2008
Orlando, Florida, United States
Whats up everyone, I have made a comeback to the forums and what better way to do it then start a build thread. It been something I have wanted to do for a very long time so here we go!

The Backstory:

I have owned this car since 2006 and it has taught me so much about automotive performance and vehicle dynamics in general. This was my first car I picked out and purchased for myself and I cant imagine it being any other car. Its direction as far as setup goes was never really solidified but always bias for street/circuit. Being that I learned most of everything I know with this car, some of the setups have been severely less than desirable but gave me a better understanding as of why things may have been setup the way they were from factory. I have always attempted to keep as much stock as possible and upgrade as needed.

The Car:

It is an 1988 Targa Turbo which was originally red but painted black by the previous owner. I got the car with a good amount of issues as their focus was the car to look and sound good but neglecting alot of maintenance issues which was the beginning of my learning curve. I have had a 7M platform for a while but couldn't seem to get it setup the way I wanted it, then went 1JZ and absolutely loved it. The most recent setup is a 2JZ-VVTi that I have just recently finished swapping in.

Cardomain (rarely use) -> http://www.cardomain.com/ride/4047595/1988-toyota-supra/

The Plan:

The direction of this car has changed alot over the years ::shrug::. For now my goal is to set it up as a fun/competitive circuit car that I can still daily with as many original options as possible. I have always tried to maintain stock form as much as possible until the need for modification.

With that being said I want to try autocross first with the car as it is to find all of the gremlins in the cars setup then move into PDX and track days. With all the modifications I have done so far its not feasible for me to compete in a specific class so this will be for my pure enjoyment.

Table Of Contents:

How it started - Post 4
First 7m Rebuild -
1JZ swap -


Suspension as of 1/1/2018:
-Energy Suspension Polyurethane Full Control Arm Bushings
-Tokico TEMS Struts / Eibachs
-Battle Version Rear Control Arms
-RonnieK Front and Rear Subframe Bushings (reds)

Engine/Drivetrain as of 1/1/2018:
-2JZ-VVTi Aristo Swap
-BIC Performance Polyurethane Engine and Trans Mounts
-R154 with C’s Short Shifter
-3.73 Torsion Differential
-OS Giken Twin Disk TS Series Clutch w/MAK

Electronics as of 1/1/2018:
-Stock Aristo ECU
-Blitz SBC-ID
-Painless Performance 3 port fuse block

Wheel/Tire Setup as of 1/1/2018:
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A.K.A. Knight Rider
Oct 28, 2008
Orlando, Florida, United States
How it started:

Pics to come

I first got this car in 2006 as my first performance oriented car and i fell in love with it. The way the car was setup when i bought it appeared to be more focused on power but was not as efficient as it could have been. It had a very large intercooler in the front where parts of the bumper support were removed to clear the pluming for the what i believed was a 60-1. No fuel or tuning mods were installed to accommodate the extra air so it would hit fuel cut right about where the turbo was entering its most efficient area. The shocks were blown amongst other maintenance items that needed to be addressed along with a color change from red to black. It came with an K&N intake, with a nice 3in turbo back exhaust, and there was a pretty good sound system with 2 amps separating the mids/his and the sub. It was a perfect starter car for a punk kid wanting getting into cars.