'98 RSP Stolen from Chicago


Build in Progress
Jan 4, 2009
Downers Grove, IL
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I'm reaching out to you as a Supra owner/enthusiast, and a human being. A 1998 6-speed RSP Supra was taken from Chicago's northside area between 1-5 days ago. 74K miles, mint condition. Bad news is someone probably knew what they were taking therefore the car may be a lost. just want it back at this point. Car is bone stock with tinted windows when stolen. If you see any parts for sale or anything anywhere on craigslist, friend of a friend, or on the boards here, please let me know immediately no matter what time of day or trivial the info you feel it may be. I can be reached at 773-440-2028 or via email at xtoefield@gmail.com. any time of day please call or text with any info.

Livid Supra owner,