92 JDM JZA70 Targa Top HX35 Flared New Zealand


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Jan 13, 2018
I have had my JZA70 for 3 years now but she has been off the road for a year and a half. I bought it bone stock from a local guy for 4k. on the fatefull day that i broke her i was showinging off to a mate as i left his house. I procceded to put her in drive (yes she was factory auto), placed my left foot firm on the brake and floored it, leaving 2 black lines about 100metres down the road. As i was driving home i noticed the temp gauge went into the critical "I better shut this bitch down" zone, and parked up. After a quick inspection i determined i had a BHG and thought to myself "this aint a 7m, wtf". over the next few days i drove her to and from work and quickly relised i need to get this girl off the road so thats what i did. A couple of weeks later i started pulling bits off so i could get the head off, then i encounted the twin turbo setup, Holy F**K what a pain in the ass, i swore so much and lost soo much skin off my knuckles, i made the desicion there and then that those twins can get F#$%^D they are not going back on "i will just do a simple single turbo conversion, no drama" Hahaha i lied to myself. So anyway after 3 attemps of getting the twins off, finally i had success and got the head off too. You can not imagine the joy i had when i discovered i was correct in my diagnosis of having a BHG after wrestling with the twins. So my plan was to replace the head gasket and do a simple single turbo conversion. Well i can say now after a year and a half i have lost control of the build and spent far too much money, shit has gotten out of hand and there is no support for people like us so i have to see it through. The stress it has put on myself and my very understanding girlfriend Angelique (eye candy coming soon) has been quite immence and there have been lots of sleepless night, lots of being completely broke, lots of "what did you spend $1000 on babe?" "ummmmm" and lots of longing to have the a70 back on the road. Its not over yet, she is still work in progress, thats why i have decided to create this blog. This is my first post on Supramania but i have been lurking here for quite some time now, and its been a great resource for my research, so thanks you to all the anon contributors. I will update this in a time line up to present on how the car is currently sitting. First pictures are of how she was when i got here plus afew from the owner before me.