1982 Supra Info


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May 20, 2024
Just ran into an auction and purchased a 1982 Supra, looking for some info....How can I tell what is original and what isn't? Its a P-type(from my research) because its a two tone, Any one know how many were imported? How hard are parts to find and lastly, HOW can I judge a value on it? I would do its 90-95% condition, very small hole in one seat, two small cracks in the dash, one small tear in tear panel, two small rust spots under trunk lid, was repainted one time in its life, but paint looks great still. All lights, sunroof, air, everything seems working. I can see its leaking some power steering fluid and some rust in the radiator, but seems to run out smooth, BTW the LCD factory dash reminds me of knight rider. Only non factory thing I see if stereo system was replaced and subwoof added in the trunk. Few pics added for candy


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