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    What is needed to rebuild the stock LSD?

    Hey Guys, Im looking to rebuild my stock LSD in my 90 Supra Turbo. When driving between 80 - 120 km/h there's a definite whine when the diff has warmed up. Also if im not moving and I put it in 1st move a little then stop, then switch to reverse and move, it makes a small clunk sound. Im...
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    Anybody got a spare LSD?

    Hey, got kind of a "bad day" story for you guys :icon_razz Alright, so I was cruising to a car show at the Westin Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA, while coming from my home in Buffalo, NY. The drive down was smooth, just did a lot of recent work that was holding up great, BUT, I overlooked...
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    Vibraiton at 50 mph plus (i didnt know where to post) (87 supra na 5 speed)

    Before i start ..YES i have reasearched this problem before and have not been able to find any topics on it so i got an 87 supra N/A a couple months ago and i dont know very much about it ...becuase i used to be into hondas and never really dealt with this type of car my cars drive...