1. Bulkierzero

    Lexus 2jzge swap?

    Theres a lexus 2jzge vvti out of a 03 is300 for sale locally. and im very interested into doing a swap in my 88 supra . I was just wondering if this would be possible to achieve. I have not seen anyone with that setup and im kinda confused on why because you can get these engines very cheap.
  2. T

    2jz-gte 1946 chevy truck

    hi i am new to these forums.....i am building a 1946 chevy truck with a custom built frame running a sc300 ifs and irs setup and the 2jzgte motor.....ive been working on this project for about 3 months now and i have almost everypart i need thanks to mr jeff......including leather all power...
  3. SupraSean

    a340e from a lexus 1uz?

    I understand that the bellhousing and tailshaft housing are different, and i would assume the speed sensor goes in the same hole as the speedo cable drive gear, other than that couldnt i change those few things and use an a340e say out of an sc400, for a 7mgte supra? thanks in advance.