1. Busted_Knuckles

    Anyone else interested in a vinyl dash cover?

    I'm taking my dash apart to replace my heater core. Really hating the thought of putting the dash back in it's current cracked-up condition, I talked to an upholstery shop near me that may be interested in putting together a pattern from my dash for a custom fit dash cover in marine-grade vinyl...
  2. Fd_daderp

    Dashboard Out! Whats this? & Whats Next?

    Hey guys, heres the break down....I have a 89 targa mkIII that had a 1jz swap which was very clean from exterior to interior. 6 months later i got into an accident and the whole front end is damaged. But the 1j survived!!!!! sooo i got a 91 sunroof, and got the 1jz back and running (this time...
  3. spainobain1234

    Fog light immediate trouble

    Fog light immediate trouble I am using my Test light to see which components are working properly. THe switch, the Relay Both have power to them. The Fog lights will not turn on even when the head lights are on. The Bulbs have no juice to them.Please help me find the issue before I have to put...
  4. D

    in dash quesions

    wat size screen can i fit ? would i need anything else other than a stereo harness?