1. Oaks

    Oaks' MX62 7MGTE Drift Build

    I picked up this '81 Cressida a few months ago. It was all original and stock when I bought it. The 5me engine that was in it was a good running engine. After daily driving it for a while it decided to throw a bearing:3d_frown:. I could have thrown a new bearing in but I came across a good...
  2. C


    I am here to learn more about MegaSquirting my 1986 Toyota Cressida Wagon. I have had a 85 celica st, 85 celica gt, and a 84 celica gts. My Cressida is about 85% together at this time. I have used a 7mgte block, turbo, turbo manifold, and injectors to build a 5mgte. My goal is to keep everything...
  3. Mikielf

    tranny help?

    So i pulled an auto Cressida motor from i think a 91 cressida and im putting it into my 1990 mkiii. Ive changed the mounts and the intake and throttle body and a few other things so it matches up. what else doi need to change? and im having some problems fitting the tranz on? i took off the auto...
  4. tylwld

    mkIII steering wheel fitment question

    Does anyone know if a pre 89 mkIII three spoke "gt" steering wheel will fit on an x7 cressida factory hub / spline? Thanks, Tyler.
  5. 7mCressida

    My little supra project.

    Ok well to start this amazing build im probably gonna get flamed for it later but anyways, i fully built a 7mgte. ive been here lookin on the forums for around 3 years but im finally deciding to join lol. But the history up till now. I went to school for toyota/lexus and i built this...
  6. tylwld

    Wtb: 5mge camshaft housing

    I am in dire need of a 5mge exhaust side camshaft housing and maybe camshaft if the price is right, PM me, text, or call (leave a message!) 614- three two nine - 0 8 2 5.